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In the Washington DC area, the field of Education Law is particularly complex -- with a broad range of public schools, private schools, parochial schools and public charter schools.  As befits the nation's capitol, the political climate and current agency reorganization plans often directly affect your child's education environment.


This presents clients, their families and their advocates with many challenges.


Attorneys who practice education law in the DC area must be extremely familiar with the federal, tri-state and local laws, and the current movements at school board and city council level.


Simply, if your child is not receiving an appropriate public education provided under the law, we intervene on behalf of your child.  We give you the support and tools to defend your child's rights.


These cases can touch upon any number of issues including Special Education Services, School Discipline Cases,  such as suspension,  expulsions and bullying.


Our efforts force the local school to explain why your child is not receiving an appropriate education in light of all the relevant circumstances.


Our work on your behalf may consist of:


• Attending IEP meetings

• Supporting you during the mediation process

• Supporting you during resolution sessions

• Representing you at due process hearings

• Assisting you in obtaining services on behalf of their child

• Advising you on decisions related to placement, testing and IEP development


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